Glenda brings a dynamic, motivational, and captivating manner to her speaking engagements, mixed with a dash of humour. Her style engages and inspires her audiences. She provides customized presentations and workshops, encompassing a positive and unique connection with her audiences.

As a speaker for A Compassionate Tomorrow, Glenda Sheard brings heartfelt compassion from her life experiences to the floor – From Broken to Blessed – impressing upon her audiences the importance of gratitude and appreciation, and encouraging successful outcomes in enhanced self-esteem. Her experiences as a keynoter speaker, special events emcee, and host of numerous workshops draws on her role a a Donor Relationship Specialist and Fund Raising Professional. She draws on her work in Radio sales and marketing to ensure her sessions are designed to be both enlightening and captivating.

Glenda’s Communicate with Confidence program enables leadership, servant leadership and better communication within the workplace, groups and everyday life boosting morale, self-confidence, team morale and spirit.

Glenda Sheard is regularly called upon as a speaker and emcee within her community and recently participated in a Human-book program, using her focused motivational methods to connect ect with community residents to inspire them.

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When we think about Glenda Sheard, three words come to mind: LOVE, DEDICATION, and COMPASSION. Glenda is the epitome of the phrase “Pour your Heart into it”.  Whether it is her dedication to her community through the library, her servant leadership as a Board member and volunteer for various charitable organizations, her commitment in Toastmasters International, or her mission for a Compassionate Tomorrow, Glenda pours her heart into it all.

We cannot think of anyone else who shows as much passion and heart in what she does than Glenda. As a mother, a coach, and a professional speaker, Glenda motivates, inspires, and infuses compassion into all those she speaks to. It has been an absolute honor to learn from, know, and become friends with Glenda. Anyone who is fortunate enough to cross paths with Glenda, will feel the true meaning of a Compassionate Tomorrow”

 ~ Jessica Ng and Fong Chua – Authors, Speakers, Serial Entrepreneurs, and Founders of Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc.

Wow! Glenda, your speech was amazing! In less than 7 minutes, you turned on the light bulb in the heads of many of us in the room – leadership is not about title and every one of us are leaders already. There was an immediate shift in our mindset – Oh, I am a leader already! Thank you, Glenda, for helping us make this powerful connection; enough of the hustle of trying to climb the corporate ladder striving to be what we already are.

          ~ Dotun Eliezer, Director of Marketing & Communication- ISACA Edmonton chapter

I highly recommend Glenda Sheard as  a creative and accomplished speaker with a great sense of humour and a heart full of love. She embodies the best qualities of an educator, speaker, trainer, and coach.  She inspired me with ideas for streamlining my business and she challenged me to find the most effective way to engage my audience. Glenda has a fine ear for the smooth flow of ideas,  a quick mind to understand the deeper meaning of the speech, and a compassionate heart to  grasp the feeling behind the spoken word”

– Kathie Sutherland ~ Life Story Guide

“Glenda, as a public speaker – you practice, you polish, and you are a consummate professional. I see how you bring passion to teaching and inspiring young people. Whether it is a group of junior high or University students, you are always right in the moment. You inspire, feed encouragement and build capacity and confidence into those you teach and speak to”

~ Bonnie Hoffmann, Assoc. Director, Alberta Caregivers Association


“I can’t say enough good things about Glenda. What an amazing and strong individual. A beautiful person who encourages you to grow.

“Fantastic presentation – very heartfelt. I will take some ideas for everyday”

“Easy to associate with. Great pointers. I enjoyed this presenter very much”

“Thank you for making me a better person and making me feel special”

“Glenda is an amazing cheerleader. She has a way of bringing the best out in people”

~ Conference Workshop Participants